*I am not a representative nor is this list comprehensive. I am just listing places that IMO do good things.

American Indian College Fund
(AICF or College Fund)

+ American Indian Science and Engineering Society

+ American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Native American Journalism Association

Natives in Tech

Center for Native American Youth


+ Tribal College Journal


I work a lot with Indigenous and underserved communities to advocate for equal access to technology, education, and representation. I am incredibly passionate about this and it is deeply personal for me.

Known for directing and organizing the first Native American collegiate hackathon, which has since become an annual event. I am a regular participant in national conversations about Indigenous issues, primarily related to technology and representation. I also routinely speak on utilizing technology and storytelling as tools for empowerment.

My advocacy work has been the subject of a Google documentary, featured in former Senator Byron Dorgan’s 2020 book ‘The Girl in the Photograph’, a national PBS series sponsored by Microsoft, and various other places. I’ve been invited to the Obama White House a few times, part of a student documentary I co-directed/co-wrote has been archived in the Smithsonian NMAI, written for Michelle Obama’s ‘Better Make Room’ campaign, and penned an introductory speech for then-Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Was sent to New Zealand for research by the National Science Foundation, and have published articles in academic journals. I have spoken before Senate committees, was an invited participant on a panel at NASA Goddard, and in 2019 was invited to speak at the United Nations CSW on a panel as a “Woman in Tech Shaping Our Future”. 

Google documentary “Between Worlds”

Co-starred on a national PBS series sponsored by Microsoft